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The Bigger The Risk

by Masok

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    releases November 29, 2019

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In A Rush
Stay A Kid (featuring Amir Bresler)
Win Win
Eleven Toes (featuring Rejoicer)
The Bigger The Risk
Time To Talk
Maybe Not


Masok are a four-piece future soul band based in Tel Aviv, comprising of Jenny Penkin, Nomok, Tal Kohavi and Omri Shani.

What started as Nomok’s bedroom beats grew into this colourful album led by Jenny Penkin’s songs, and not only the band members contribution but also other label mates such as Amir Bresler, iogi, Rejoicer and more. Fused with complex arranged compositions with intricate rhythms and electronic-acoustic drum combinations, the 10 tunes are each a song in its own right.


releases November 29, 2019

Produced & Recorded by Nomok
Co-Produced & Recorded by Tal Kohavi (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8), Jenny Penkin (2, 10), Omri Shani (2), Rejoicer (7)
Mixed by Nomok & Asaf Shay
Mastered by Asaf Shay
Cover Art & Graphic Design by Jengo

Recorded at Star Studios, Lake View Studios & House Fire Of Studios
Mixed at Halal Studios & Lake View Studios
Mastered at Halal Studios

Special thanks to Abu Hassan, Noam Klitzner, Noga Deiy, Rejoicer, Asaf Shay, Elyasaf Bashari, Nitai Hershkovitz, Yigal Havkin, Keren Dunietz, Shay Livne, Sefi Zisling, Yonatan Albalak, Dafna Shilon, The Casbah


all rights reserved



Masok Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Masok are a four-piece future soul band based in Tel Aviv, comprising of Jenny Penkin, Nomok, Tal Kohavi and Omri Shani.

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Track Name: Right Up Your Alley
Underneath anything rational
hides a madness
And when you look for sanity
all you find is a mess
Mistakes are only natural
when you're moving too fast
Before you go and do anything radical
remember past will stay past

Now all I want is
a dance
all night
all night
all night
all night

Your fears they're gonna disappear
by the time you get home
Listen to the birds, you can find 'em here
why not give it a go?
I absorb any kind of energy
so don't push it too far
But as long as the sun keeps coming back to me
I ain't taking it hard

Now I'll dance
all night
all night
all night
all night

I've become obsessed over a success,
can't sleep
Teach me how not to be afraid
of failing
Had a dream about fish, I wonder what
it means...
Who would've thought taking care of your hopes
is harder than it seems?

Don't you know the grass is always greener
when you try to compare?
Can you be sure that grass is cleaner?
If you can't, you know it's not fair

Now we gon'
all night
all night
all night
all night
Track Name: Regimen
If it’s a sign, why not embrace it?
Opportunities, can’t always chase ‘em
From this point on, I gotta face reality

Nothing’s for sure, no one is special
It ain’t about you, though you got potential
We need a cure, our ego is simply over-done

This rehab is so irritating
Life itself intoxicates me
I’m out of ways to ease the pain
That I, myself, make

So If you wanna make it happen, OK
There’s no alternative, you gotta change your ways
Don’t even think about it, it’s only a phase
When the water gets too deep and you can’t stay
The shore ain’t that far

Adrenaline, don’t take it from me
Body and soul, can’t live without it
Can’t skip all that noise, I’m destructed
By my messy thoughts

Therapy is so frustrating
But I’m the one who let the toxic in
It's hard to tell what’s better
when you only know one lane

So If you wanna make it happen, OK...

Can’t tell right from wrong, shit is too subjective
Life of excess is a matter of perspective
Why do we need all these extra stuff in our mouths?

Fear of missing out, that’s why we’re blurry
I want a big house, I’m in a hurry
Take a deep breath, swallow the pride that’s in your throat

Forget about the Instant pleasures
Now is not the time to measure (things
If we treat ourselves like treasure
We could heal

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